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Ryan Fisher


As a member of the analytics team for TEN Capital, Ryan spends his day exploring the global macroeconomic landscape for trends and outlooks to reflect in our portfolio management. In addition, Ryan oversees all of our global trading to ensure our accounts are prudently allocated and in tolerance.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Washington’s School of Economics in 2013 Ryan joined TEN Capital, quickly becoming an integral member of the team responsible for both advisor and client education regarding our firm’s strategies and investment philosophy. In an industry that frequently falls victim to esoteric jargon that often confuses more than it clarifies, Ryan strives to translate the complexities of asset management into clear and concise themes to inspire client understanding and confidence in reaching their investment goals.

Ryan’s passion for analytics blossomed from a young age through his love of baseball, diving headfirst into the sea of statistics and becoming an early adopter of fantasy sports (helping his dad win countless work leagues in the process). After finishing his senior year at Central Valley High School, he knew he wanted to pursue a degree in analytics, ultimately choosing Economics.

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