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Embracing a personal approach to empower personalized solutions.

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Our purpose is helping you define yours

At TEN Capital, financial planning is less about the numbers and more about you. Every investment strategist has the numbers, but without the personal and emotional facts to contextualize them, numbers loses all relevance. In other words, no two investment strategies are the same. Your family and your life mean everything to you, and we're here to listen to what really drives you.

Specialized services for a well-planned tomorrow

TEN Capital is your personal resource to help get the big financial decisions in life right, regardless of their complexity. There is no “standard” financial plan or asset allocation that will adequately help you identify and achieve your goals, let alone do so in the manner that suits you best. Don't let financial uncertainty take over the parts of you and your family that make life worth living.

A firm foundation creates a strong investment strategy 

A well-built investment portfolio, regardless of its risk profile, should utilize a number of asset classes and styles. Each of those takes not only a specific type of expertise but also a singular focus—and it is rare for a single company to excel at more than one of them. Furthermore, studies have shown that asset-allocation is often the largest factor in portfolio performance.

How We Invest

A Macro Approach

Regardless of risk profile, a well-built investment portfolio should use a variety of asset classes and styles. In fact, studies have shown that asset-allocation is often the largest factor in performance.

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Our Unique Approach

A human-focused approach

We don’t want to just build you a financial plan, we want to understand you as a person. To get a sense of your true attitudes, traits, and foundational beliefs. So your financial fortress can be built around what matters most.

Our approach makes getting to know you our most important task.

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Financial Plans

Financial Plans Built Right

Life’s big financial decisions are always complex. Regardless, our job is to help you get them right. We’ll give you a retirement number to aim for but also the knowledge that it will need adjustments over time. You’ll get a real 3D sense of the plan’s risks and tradeoffs, and show you how to continually track your progress as you move forward.

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Cornerstone Conversations

Engaging in vital discussions

One of the most unique and vital elements of our planning process is an interactive exercise called Conerstone Conversations. The goal isn’t to win, but to ask big questions of yourself, then thoughtfully answer them. And in the process, go on a meaningful journey of self-discovery.

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Corporate Retirement Plans

Helping Employers with Retirement Plans

You need to offer a corporate retirement plan to your employees. We’re here to walk alongside you, help you mitigate risks, and minimize the impact on your daily schedule.

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The TEN Experience

More than meetings

Working with TEN capital is more than sitting in meetings. Instead, we’ll invite you on some unexpected excursions that allow us to get a sense of who you are and what you’re about. At the same time, we’ll offer you a chance to learn something that will help you on your journey.

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Our Thoughts & Philosophy

We are relationship-driven

Relationships are behind everything we do at TEN Capital. We strive not only to provide the results our valued clients and their families expect, but to partner with them in a way that provides the clarity they need to feel confident throughout the process. In addition to more traditional forms of client engagement, our clients have access to opportunities such as group cooking classes, luncheon workshops, and more.

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