With the foundation to your financial plan laid, your portfolio can be properly built

Ten Capital Portfolio

How We Invest

A Macro Approach

Regardless of risk profile, a well-built investment portfolio should use a variety of asset classes and styles. In fact, studies have shown that asset-allocation is often the largest factor in performance.

At TEN capital, we utilize years of investment experience and global macro-economic expertise to:

  • Design an allocation strategy that reflects both your overall purpose and current marketing conditions.

  • Identify the manager / team for each subcomponent, regardless if they’re internal or external.

The L.I.V.E Framework

For every client we come into contact with, we use a simple, effective framework for evaluation:

L.I.V.E. = Liquidity, Income, Volatility, and Expected Return

Our job with each and every client is to find the right balance between these factors. Some clients, during certain phases of life, may need to emphasize liquidity. Others must prioritize income.

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