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Sage Swanson
Client Advisor

For those familiar with Latin origin, you may recognize that my name means “wise.” I have always told my parents that it is my duty to try earning the right to my name every day. Admittedly, some days the battle is harder than others. I came to the realization through my Core 250 class at Whitworth University that ‘wisdom’ and “knowledge” are inherently different. While head knowledge can be powerful, I ascribe to the thought that the discernment of information and furthermore the organization of information is what builds wisdom. I see my purpose as surrounding myself with independent thinkers who broaden my paradigm. The collective develops a greater pool of wisdom which catalyzes a positive impact on the world. I serve alongside an equally humble and tenacious team. We share a common vision; dedication of our time and resources to best serve our clients.

As previously alluded, I am privileged to call Whitworth University my alma mater. Earning both my undergraduate in Business Management graduating with honors, Summa Cum Laude, in January of 2019 and my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in December of 2020. I am a licensed financial advisor at TEN Capital Wealth Advisors. 

On the weekends you may find me escaping Spokane, maximizing all opportunities to travel. I’ve set foot, outside of the airport, in 44 states. Most often, I am headed home to Boise to spend time with my active and loving parents and my best friend, also known as my sister. I spend my summers soaking up the sun in Coeur d’Alene or at my family cabin in Cascade, ID. In the winter I am likely still thinking about summertime. However, when I am not, I am watching hockey. Go Blackhawks!

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