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Event Highlights & Thoughts from Ben on his 7th Anniversary

We share some thoughts and highlights from our biggest, and perhaps best, Quarterly Event ever.


  1. Equity Markets – after a tough Monday, global markets surged with the S&P 500 +1.96&, and EAFE up 1.15% for the week.

  2. Fixed Income Markets – were up modestly with high-yield bonds (JNK) up 0.28% and high-quality bonds up 0.27% this week.

  3. Volatility is the Rule, Not the Exception – outside of 2017, which saw zero negative months, 2021 has been among the least volatility years so far with only one negative month. Keep in mind that even during the epic bull market since 2008, 50 of 156 months have resulted in a negative returns (32.1%) and yet the average annual return has been 9.77% for the S&P 500. (Source: First Trust)

  4. Inflation Picking Up Steam (For Now) – whether transitory, as the Fed claims, or not there is little doubt that inflation is here for the near to intermediate term in a way that people need to take into account. Headline CPI and Energy are inflating at their fastest rates since 2008 at +5.4% and 24.2% year over year respectively, while Core CPI posted a gain of 4.5% yoy which is its fastest growth since 1991.

  5. Key Insight – [VIDEO] We share some thoughts and highlights from our biggest, and perhaps best, Quarterly Event ever. [ARTICLE] Ben Klündt shares a very thoughtful reflection on the celebration of his 7th Anniversary at TEN – from what made TEN stand out initially, some highlights from the last 7 years, and what he looks forward to seeing the firm become in the future.


The 7-year Itch? … Nah by Ben Klündt

Does the firm I want even exist?

Most of us have likely heard of the seven-year itch, the idea that after 7 years, a relationship can go stale, you start get bored and seek something new. That certainly wasn’t/isn’t the case for my marriage (11 great years at the end of July) and it’s not the case for my relationship with Ten Capital either.

It’s crazy that seven years has gone by since I joined the team at Ten Capital (July 14th, 2021.) And to celebrate this milestone, I wanted to look back and share some of what we’ve been through over the last seven years, and what these memories and team members mean to me.

Prior to Ten Capital I was at a large national firm and had a successful three and a half years there, but I just felt something was missing. Growing up watching the dynamics and relationships of my parents small family design firm I knew I wanted, even needed; to find that type of culture and community in the firm I worked for. I didn’t know where it was, or even if it truly existed in Spokane, but then Tim called my office and left a voicemail that intrigued me.

The first time Tim, Jake and I sat down to chat as a group was at Casper Fry in the Perry district over a meal. They walked in with warm smiles, along with their spouses (Rachel and Jamie) whom Lauren and I already knew from prior jobs and yoga classes – Rachel’s one of the best instructors around in case you didn’t already know! That night we all laughed having the best time and I could still tell you almost word for word the amazing conversations we had on the roof top deck of Tim & Rachel’s house afterwards. Conservations ensued about a collective vision of making a difference in the community, our clients’ lives and teammates that shared this service mentality.

Long story short, they won me over – I had found my tribe and the firm I had hoped existed.

My Favorite Moments & Team Accomplishments

I want to share just a few of the many great memories and proud accomplishments we’ve all made over the last seven years thanks to our amazing team, and the wonderful people we’re honored to call clients and friends.

When I joined Ten Capital, they were only two years in and had gone through many of the growing pains typical of any firm in its first few years. Whether this was around the turnover of people that didn’t share the firm’s vision or commitment level, or defining the processes that would bring their vision to life. At that point the firm was around $120 million in Assets Under Management (AUM), and in just the 7 years since our assets under management grown to approximately $650 million becoming one of the largest (if not the largest) independent RIA in our area.

Furthermore, our team has nearly doubled in size with tremendous talent that includes experienced advisors as well as many of the younger teammates that have joined us recently that add so much to our story.

While our events have always been a staple and something that sets us apart, as our AUM grew, so did our attendees and the features of the events themselves. We outgrew the venue where we held our March Madness event for years and moved to The Globe! We needed to accommodate the more than 350 people that join us on a given Thursday or Friday that first weekend to watch the games as well as share food, drinks and laughs together.

The MAC Museum Christmas event is also an event that I think our team, client and advocates look forward to EVERY YEAR! For the Ten Capital team, what isn’t said about this event, is how much it means to us because we get to meet our clients’ families. This event allows us, the advisors, to meet the “why’s” behind our clients’ plans. Money without meaning, is just paper.

Lastly, our office. While there was certainly nothing wrong with our old office, from the outset the firm had a much different vision of what our home would be for clients…namely a clubhouse and refuge. It’s perhaps only fitting that this reality finally took shape during a pandemic, as the anticipation after many years of searching reached a crescendo due to the isolation we all felt last year. But it’s finally here and it’s everything we hoped for and more! Seeing clients and friends sharing the space brings energy and excitement everyday.

In short, we thrilled to be back together with you again after a tough COVID year with more to share than ever before.

Life Outside of the Office

Babies and marriage… so many babies… When I started, Tim was married, Casey was married and Jake was engaged. I was lucky enough to see Jamie and Jake get married at Commenllinis. Since then…oh boy (and girl ). Casey and Keitha started things off with Tatum and then Crew. Tim and Rachel welcomed Addy, Isla and Ellie – and our whole team and client family wept last year when we lost Ellie. Jake and Jamie brought into the world Nya and CJ. Shelby and Rob recently had their baby girl Emmy. And my wife Lauren and I have welcomed two boys, Weston and Charlie. And just last week we got to share in the celebration of Ryan marrying Kenzie.

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, but I’m blessed to take that ride with these people I call friends, a special group that always has each other’s backs.

The additions of Brian Betts, Sage Swanson, Jon Heideman Taylor Schatz, Sam Edmonds and Jonna Damiano all within the past year have rounded out the firm to be first class. Each team member is the type of person that truly helps elevate the firm and compel us to be better each day because of who they are.

TEN Cap Travels

The last memory I will share is about times on the road with the guys. Some of the best memories I have are the car rides to Seattle with Jake or Tim, and the work (and play) we’ve had there with each other and often our families as well. Just like that first night at on the rooftop of Tim’s condo, our conversations brought out more hopes and dreams for ourselves, our families and of course the firm and those we are honored to serve.

A culture that encourages you to dream and supports those dreams is wonderful. But even better is work alongside people who can also help make those hopes and dreams a reality – and the truth is that is just what this group I call family has done in no small part because of your help and support as well.

This is all not to say that you won’t ever come across struggles. Heaven knows we’ve yelled at each other, we’ve been angry, and even hurt at times by each other. Ultimately, like a family, we’ve also had each other’s backs, helped each other grow into better advisors, husbands/wives and just humans. For better or worse, these people are my family.

The Seven Year itch does exist, but the itch is only to continue to grow the firm, and to share in the successes and struggles of what that means to matter and make memories with amazing clients and colleagues.

Thank you all for an incredible, even if sometimes challenging, seven years.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ben and the team at TEN

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