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Weekly Wealth Insights
Principles are Timeless, Not Portfolio Strategies
July 1, 2022
You think you know...
June 16, 2022
We spend countless hours learning and reflecting on all sorts of data, yet we are still frequently surprised by many of the facts we come across. Other common lessons we are continually reminded about include: 1) The importance of helping clients identify their unique stories. 2) Empowering them with the right information and mindsets to help them achieve those dreams. #weeklyten
What’s Your Budget?
June 3, 2022
This week we discuss the importance a defining “your budget” to find financial success. However, your budget is NOT just about spending, it’s just as much about the risk you can afford and the emotional/personal burden you can bear.
A Note on Optimism
May 27, 2022
Investors often confuse the inevitably of a recession with the need to be constantly worried about one. We share some facts around recessions, as well as steps to survive them.
Are We There Yet?
May 20, 2022
This week, Dave and Jon discuss what we can control as investors, trusting your plan, and how our behavior in good markets can often affect how we feel in down markets.
The Market is Afraid of Unknowns, Not Our Imaginations
May 13, 2022
We discuss the difference between the unknown’s spooking markets versus the worst fears of our imagination that need to be quieted, as we take a look at a) where are markets today, b) why do things feel the way they do today, and c) where are we likely headed.
A Game Plan and Updated Outlook for Tough Times
May 6, 2022
Ben and Jake share a state of the market then discuss three positive actions to implement during times of market volatility to bring comfort and direction during trying times.
Outlining Probabilities and Parameters to be Emotionally Prepared
April 29, 2022
With markets growling once again, we walk you through key viewpoints from technical, fundamental, and quantitative analysis to better understand the probabilities and parameters for what likely lies ahead for all of our emotional preparation, not because of our need to engage in prediction.
Our Thoughts on Benchmarking Your Financial Life
April 22, 2022
Tim breaks down how we think about benchmarking performance within our investment methodology, including where it can be helpful and where it is often misplaced and/or misunderstood.
6 Tax Strategies for ALL Phases of Life
April 8, 2022
It is that tax-time of year again! How can you create the most favorable and efficient tax scenario by using retirement plans, HSAs, your mortgage, charitable donations, college expenses and Roth conversions? Watch financial advisor, Dave Gordon, CFP and crowd favorite Jude Gordon (Dave’s 4 yr. old son) to explore which options may apply to you.
Take a Breath, Reflect and Improve
March 25, 2022
With equity markets posting their first back-to-back positive weeks this year, we take a moment to catch our breath, reflect, and see what we’ve learned.
What You Focus On, Is What You’ll Get
March 11, 2022
In this week’s messages Tim encourages investors to focus on what they hope to manifest in their future and specifically, in their portfolios. One’s mindset is key to persevering through tough markets, and he shares some historic facts around sentiment and volatility that will help keep you on track.
The Same Feelings that Empower Your Plan, Can Derail Your Portfolio
March 4, 2022
This week, Jake discusses the invasion of Ukraine, the economic fallout of Russian aggression and subsequent sanctions, and how despite global turmoil, we must remain dedicated to our process and not take an emotional approach to investing.
Fading One’s Feelings to Find Success
February 25, 2022
Jake Talks 10-years and “Crash or Correction Part II”
February 18, 2022
In this week’s video Jake looks back over the last 10 years of TEN Capital in honor of its recent birthday to share some of his favorite takeaways.
Broadening Definitions and Approaches to Better Outcomes
February 11, 2022
In this week’s video Tim discusses the big three approaches to evaluating markets, how we use those schools of thought in our process and how we are viewing markets in light of them today.
Lessons on Volatility from Isla (& a Rollercoaster)
February 4, 2022
In this week’s messages, Tim shares some tips/insights he gleaned from his 3-year-old daughter Isla’s recent rollercoaster experience that can help investors successfully navigate market volatility to achieve the experience/result that got them “on the ride” in the first place.
The Pain can be Strong…the Reaction Must be Stronger.
January 28, 2022
Jake discusses this week’s market volatility and revisit’s the market disrupting events over the years and how staying the course in your plan is imperative.
TEN turns 10 years old – A Look Back & an Important Market Update
January 21, 2022
In celebration of TEN turning 10 this week, Tim looks back on what drove him to start the firm, some of the team’s accomplishments he’s most proud of, and the group’s commitment to its clients for the decades still to come.
The Problem with Averages (& the Solution)
January 14, 2022
Dave Gordon highlights some interesting WWII stories and facts around averages to discuss the problem with trying to design your life around them, while also discussing the three key steps to creating real solutions that can get your financial life on track.
(New Year) Predictions & (Last Year) Distractions
January 7, 2022
We look at some of the common habits of investors at the beginning of the year, how they aren’t as productive as they may believe, and where that focus can be placed to achieve better results.
Messages from Jake and Tim to Close 2021
December 31, 2021
Jake looks back at 2021 to highlight some of the team’s accomplishments that he is most proud of and have him excited heading into 2022.
Financial Lessons from “It’s a Wonderful Life”
December 24, 2021
We take a look at a few financial lessons from the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, including some that are timeless reminders, and one or two that may surprise you.
What’s Your Superpower?
December 17, 2021
With market volatility picking up a bit, and lots of unhelpful narratives circulating, Tim walks you through the four superpowers all investors have to some degree that can help you fight off even the scariest of markets.
“Old” Reminders for “New” Year’s Resolutions
December 10, 2021
In the video this week Jake discusses the incredible market run over the last few years and how understanding your portfolio allocation is critical as it lines up with your financial plan.
What Should Worry a Non-Worrier?
December 3, 2021
In the follow up to the video from two weeks ago on worry, Tim discusses the two common types of “non-worriers” and how some simple steps can not only help them keep their peaceful mindset, but also have confidence in it.
A Year Full of Extra Gratitude
November 26, 2021
Our team shares some of the things they are most grateful for this year in a brief video, and Tim shares a letter on the last year and three things that have him feeling especially grateful this season as he reflects on TEN.
Worry Isn’t the Only Thing that is Real
November 19, 2021
Understanding who you are as an investor is an important step to being a better investor. In the first part of a two-part series, we dive deeper into the two common types of “worriers”, common signs and struggles, and some concepts to get them to a better place.
7 (Possibly) Deadly Assumptions Investors Make
November 12, 2021
In this week’s video Tim covers 7 common assumptions he sees investors commonly make that can have dire consequences.
Advisors as Script Writers – the Importance of Relationship
November 5, 2021
We help explain the importance of spending time with our clients to really uncover the personal stories they hope to write for themselves and their families, as a part of proper financial planning.
Following Misguided Advice Can be Scary
October 29, 2021
This week’s video is inspired by Mr. Know It All, Jack Dorsey’s, news making headlines around his ill-informed views on inflation which Jake helps debunk. And in a tandem piece, Tim writes on where markets and the economy really stand, and shares an old-favorite piece that covers the not-so-hidden agenda of the industry and press to manipulate investors.
Damned if You Do, Double Damned if You Don’t
October 22, 2021
We will tackle the trade-off’s investors are managing within the current market environment and discuss how embracing volatility and gaining exposure to new asset classes can benefit your portfolio longevity.
Take your MONEY (or ELSE)! The RMD (Required Minimum Distribution)
October 15, 2021
It is the last quarter of the year and for those over the age of 72 that means it's RMD time. In this week's commentary, Ben shares some of the ins and outs of the Required Minimum Distribution and some helpful financial planning tactics around it.
Clearing Up Common Market Misconceptions
October 8, 2021
Most investors feel like they have a general understanding of what does, or should, move markets – but the realities are quite often very different. This week we touch on a few common misconceptions people have about markets that can be quite costly when acted on.
What’s the Value in Working With an Advisor Anyway?
October 1, 2021
Whether you’re an existing client or wondering how partnering with TEN can improve your life, we want to spell out what makes an effective and valuable advisor and how our firm approach is built on transparency, market experience and empathy for you and your family.
Blind Spots Series – Annuities: Problems & Solutions
September 24, 2021
Historical issues in the insurance market lay upon the shoulders of ineffective distribution models which place the commission over the actual consumer. This leaves clients at a complete disadvantage and is a wrong we are aiming to right.
Patterns Break, Sound Processes Don’t
September 17, 2021
Every year the media loves to predict a September swoon and use every market hiccup to signal the beginning of a new correction. The reality is something far different, and the current market and economic outlook has plenty of reasons to be optimistic if one keeps a healthy perspective.
Blind Spots – Financial Risk is Much More than Market Volatility
September 10, 2021
In our new series "blind spots", we focus on the risks and planning topics outside of our investment portfolios that can get lost in an industry so focused on money management.
Time to Meet Sam Edmonds & Key Insights on Social Security
September 3, 2021
This week’s video introduces you to Sam Edmonds, an exciting new addition to the team who is already contributing across the firm.
Meet Our New Teammate: Sage Swanson
August 27, 2021
This week’s video introduces you to a new colleague, Sage Swanson. Sage has been an incredible addition to the firm, and in this video shares a little about her story and why she believes she has found a home at TEN and in the industry.
The “Why(s)” Behind Our Commentary – 6th Anniversary
August 20, 2021
Tim discusses the genius of the commentary, and the five big reasons he and the team have kept in going for 313 consecutive weeks now.
The Power is in the PLAN not the Prediction
August 13, 2021
In honor Friday the 13th, we take a look at what scares many an investor “market risk and volatility.” We’ll share some hopefully new and powerful insights with you on how the oft-mentioned, but all-too often ignored, wisdom of diversification can help you with both your risk AND your returns.
The Power is in Perspective NOT Prediction
August 6, 2021
While market crashes naturally lead to heightened investor anxiety, ironically so do new all-time highs in markets. We discuss some of the key misunderstandings that spook investors out of markets pre-maturely as they try to predict and share some great historic facts/charts we rely on to gain a better perspective to navigate complex markets.
Keys to Success: A New Teammate & A Timeless Reminder
July 31, 2021
In this week’s video Jake introduces you to our newest teammate Jonna Damiano and her initial thoughts on being a part of the TEN Capital community.
Event Highlights & Thoughts from Ben on his 7th Anniversary
July 23, 2021
We share some thoughts and highlights from our biggest, and perhaps best, Quarterly Event ever.
The Path to Great: Part II – The Steps to Finding Genuine Peace of Mind
July 16, 2021
Tim and Jake walk you through the steps they use to help clients define their highest priorities, the financial framework to achieve them and how they’ve seen this process change people’s lives.
The Path to Great: Part I - The Problem with “Good”
July 9, 2021
In this week’s video Dave and Jon are back to share the stories around some incredible trips they just took, how our planning process helped them enjoy those trips even more, and how that process can do the same for you.
Quarterly Events are Back (as is Hoopfest) – Time to Celebrate!!
June 25, 2021
We love our clients, and our community, and we are so excited to bring them both together this July! In this week’s video, Zag Legend and Hoopfest Executive Director Matt Santangelo and Tim discuss the upcoming Quarterly Event that will be a celebration of being together again, the Zags incredible year, and the return of Hoopfest – all while hanging out in our favorite venue Maryhill Winery’s Tasting Room.
Traditional 60/40’s Diagnosis – “It’s Reasonably Dead.” PART II – The Solutions
June 18, 2021
This week we do a quick refresher on the way the traditional retirement portfolio is in deep trouble, and then share some key concepts/solutions that can help investors get to a better place.
Traditional 60/40’s Diagnosis – “It’s Reasonably Dead.” PART I
June 11, 2021
As we bring on new clients, and even chat with some advisors, we continue to see lazy portfolio construction based on what’s been, not what will be. Inflation is here for a while, as are insufficient traditional bond yields, which means many retirees are going to get hurt if they don’t adapt their plans.
Making Your Money Count
June 4, 2021
This week Dave discusses an often-overlooked aspect of Social Security – how are your benefits taxed?!
Insights Into the New State of Washington Long-term Care Tax
May 28, 2021
New LTC Tax coming January 2022-What is it, how does it affect me, and what are my options?
The WHY Behind Our New Office, Your New Clubhouse
May 21, 2021
Tim and Jake finally follow up with a sequel to their goodbye video from our old space, with a welcome video to introduce you to our new office. The video highlights some of the unique spaces, the purposes behind each – and how we believe they’ll lead to an enhanced client experience.
The Actual Dangers of Inflation
May 14, 2021
We discuss the press’ latest attempts to get investors to panic, this time it’s inflation, and walk you through some reminders of the normalcy of volatility, the actual dangers posed by inflation and how to navigate them both.
5 Lies About Money People Believe
May 7, 2021
We discuss five common “lies” people believe about money that keep them from living their best life and achieving genuine contentment.
Meet Our New Teammate - Jon Heideman
April 30, 2021
In this week’s video we introduce you to Jon Heideman, one of our newest colleagues. Jon is a very exciting addition to the team, as you’ll see, both for his tremendous experience and talent, but also his fun personality.
Money, Marriage & Mistakes to Avoid
April 23, 2021
This week we discuss the importance for married couples to BOTH engage in the planning process from a meaningful conversation of their top priorities, dream and fears to the trade-offs necessary to achieve them and how an advisor can play a critical role in coming alongside couples as they do.
Balancing Your Risk Tolerance & Risk Budget
April 16, 2021
In a week that saw disgraced financier Bernie Madoff pass away, we discuss the importance of defining BOTH one’s risk tolerance and risk budget to build a solid plan to help avoid the temptations brought by greed and fear that make such monsters possible.
“Mr. Rogers” Talks Taxes
April 9, 2021
As we all know, this has been a crazy year. With this, Congress and both Administrations, have enacted a few laws to help America weather the storm and update certain standards over the last year. There has been the “CARES Act,” the “SECURE Act,” and the “American Rescue Plan” that may have impacted you. Check out this week’s commentary for more information from our very own Jon Heideman aka “Mr. Rogers.”
A Price to be Paid
April 2, 2021
This week we discuss some of the “prices that must be paid” to be an investor, most notably embracing volatility and change for what lies ahead – along with outlining some of the common reasons investors and advisors fail to do so.
10 Reasons to Update Your Will
March 26, 2021
Over the last few weeks we’ve been discussing items Beyond The Portfolio. This week I’ll cover 10 reasons that might prompt you to take a look at your will and see if it needs to be updated.
What Type of Bucket is NOT What’s in Your Bucket
March 25, 2021
We run-through a common confusion for many investors in an industry with many new terms. Which of these are simply the buckets that hold your wealth, what items are actually your investments, and how do they work together to build your wealth?
Value...it's more than just your 'account balance'
March 19, 2021
Many individuals determine the "value" they are receiving based on their account balance. While return is important when it comes to our business, we explore lesser-known areas to provide additional value in your financial house. At the end of the day, it is not how much you make but rather how much you keep.
The Last Year
March 12, 2021
We look back at where things stood a year ago with the declaration of a pandemic and a market in meltdown to both remember how far we’ve come and glean some helpful reminders as we move forward.
Understanding the Usefulness of Past Performance vs. Past Experience
March 5, 2021
We help explain this week’s “panic” and put it in some context, while also explaining not only are most people’s fears unnecessary but how some simple shifts could make a big difference.
Apophenia, Armageddon or AR-MAG-“A”-DDON?
February 26, 2021
Calls for Armageddon and market crashes grow (as fantasy patterns appear); are they justified? And what would you do if they were?
War of the Worlds
February 19, 2021
Tim and Brian walk through the five key aspects of how we select funds/managers for portfolios here at TEN Capital.
What Makes Us Different...Matters
February 12, 2021
Tim and Jake discuss one key aspect of what makes TEN so different, and how we approach relationships is so critical to helping people achieve their dreams.
From Pandemonium to Process & Positivity
February 5, 2021
Tim and Brian walk through our investment process here at TEN, specifically as it relates to how we think about allocating a portfolio to sustainably build and maintain wealth over time.
No More Fun and Games(top)
January 29, 2021
We breakdown the details around the headline grabbing story involving Gamestop and the battle between a group of Reddit users and multi-billion dollar hedge funds; as well as the discuss some key takeaways for serious investors.
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